A guide to understanding the SOLID principles for your next Object-Oriented Design coding project.

A SOLID foundation starts with SOLID principles

More often than not, object-oriented software development involves a team of developers with differing opinions and workflows, resulting in inefficiency when it comes to refactoring or maintaining the codebase.
How then, can we stick to a set of principles that is widely accepted and adopted across the software engineering field?

Introducing the S.O.L.I.D Principles

S.O.L.I.D refers to a set of five principles introduced in 2000 by Robert C. Martin(also known for introducing the Agile Manifesto). …

Companies like Amazon, Spotify and Netflix transition from a Monolithic architecture to a Microservice architecture when scaling. But why?

What is Microservice Architecture?

In technical terms, this architectural style breaks down an application to loosely coupled services that can be developed and maintained independently.

Take a hypothetical e-commerce site “MeowKit.com” that sells cat toys for example. The web application that runs MeowKit can be broken down into the following services:

Low Zhang Xian

I am a Year 3 Computer Science Student at NUS

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